Using a Squeegee to push Ink through a mesh, wonderful designs are created!

Vinyl Cutting

Using a Plotter, a stencil of your logo is cut out. Heat Press designs to Sticker solutions can be achieved.

Machine Embroidery

Designs get "Stitched Out" onto many different types of fabric. Canvas, Fleece, and even Leather!

A Couple of Examples

How many do I want?

Is this for Yourself or 50 Employees? Some options can give you faster results.

I want to update what I have now.

Altering a current logo, or coming up with a new idea is no problem.

What about different colors?

He wants Red and she likes Blue! OK, calm down... that's not to much trouble.

How long does it take?

Quick answer, 2 weeks...ish. Once the design is approved, we can move toward production.

What about other types of garments?

Tee shirts... FINISHED... Long Sleeve and Sweatshirts are options to consider!

What else would look cool?

Adding a Vinyl Sticker, Hat, and or Hand Towel can set you apart from the rest.

Social Connections

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Some different techniques of designing things and such.

Moment Brand

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